Precedence while setting Application Context in Oracle EBS Adapter

The messages sent to Oracle EBS Adapter can take three message context properties (starting CTP4):

1. Application Short Name
2. Responsibility Name
3. Organization Id

We introduced these properties so that one can invoke operations on a single port with different Application Contexts for each message being passed to the port, enabling the same port to be reused.

Here is the precedence order in which the adapter reads values for properies when it sets the application context before invoking an operation:


Also note that the precedence order for application short name we’re talking about is used only to set the application context – it does not change the application to which the interface table, interface view, concurrent program, or request set belongs to.

Why have these settings in Message Context as well as the Binding Properties? Well, we don’t want you to have to set message context properties on a message every time you have to set Application Context. You can put your typically used settings in the Binding Properties, and messages will be processed with Application Context as per those settings. When you want to process a message with a different Application Context, just set the Message Context Properties on it and you can send it to the same port – Message Context Properties override settings in the Binding!