Support for SAP Queries in the SAP ADO.NET Provider

In the BizTalk Adapter Pack V2, we are adding support for execution of SAP Queries.

A brief one liner on SAP Queries – you can use the SAP GUI designer to create something similar to a “SQL Query” (similar to how you would do it in Microsoft Access) by graphically selecting the tables you’re interested in, the columns, the input parameters, the sort order of the result set, etc.

You can execute the query from the SAP ADO Provider, using syntax like:

EXECQUERY QueryName @P1=Parameter1Value, @P2=Parameter2Value, @USERGROUP=UserGroup [, @WORKSPACE=’X’]

@Pn refers to the nth selection field specified during the creation of the Query.

@USERGROUP (mandatory) refers to the User Group associated with the Query. If the Query was defined in the global workspace, you would additionally specify @WORKSPACE=’X’ in the command.

You can refer to the documentation on additional information on the syntax.

Having the ADO Provider support SAP Queries means that you can also execute them from SSIS Tasks, as well as create SSRS Reports based on them.

In order to use SAP Queries, you’ll have to obtain the next CTP of the BAP 2.0 (scheduled end of October 2008). Note that this CTP is only available to TAP customers.