Working with Siebel multi valued link (MVL) using siebel adapter

Siebel adapter supports working with multi valued link in Siebel. Following operations are exposed for MVLs:

1. Associate

2. Dissociate

3. Query_xxx

A sample is attached for associating Contact record with Account business component. Sample starts with:

1. creating record in parent business component which is Account

2. Querying the inserted record in Account.

3. Inserting record in Contact business component

4. Querying for just inserted record to make sure that it got inserted

5. Calling Associated on parent i.e. Account proxy object to link contact record with a parent record. The inputs to associate operation are:

a. search expression to retrieve just inserted record from Account

b. Field name in Account which represents Account/Contact MVL.

c. search expression to retrieved unique record from Contact

6. We verify the association by issuing Query_Contact operation on Account proxy object. Here we ask for retrieval all child records for inserted parent record in step1.

In the attachment, the client section in App.Config should be modified to have correct Siebel server parameters and also Program.cs need to be updated with appropriate Siebel userid and password. Just compile the project and good to go!