7 Habits of successful software company

Yesterday I was looking at one of my longtime favorite book "7 habits of highly effective people" on my desk, I suddenly realize how these habits could easily map and summarize the charactersitics of successful software company. Here is what I come up with

Be proactive -

Do not wait for customer to create demand or competitors to build the product. Go ahead and predict the upcoming demand and work on meeting those demands.

Begin with the end in mind -

When start a project/product, always keep eye on what finally this product is trying to achieve, what are the customer requirement we are aiming for?

Put first things first -

Do not get lost in world of fancy features, prioritize the requirement and features you are looking for. Always focus on important and urgent features first.

Think win win -

Your company success also depend on your employees and customers attitude, so let them feel sense of achievement with your success.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood -

Understand the customer requirement first, before coming up or proposing the solution.

Synergize -

Build a chain of vendors and partners and let make them successful with your success.

Sharpen the saw -

Keep investing on new research and innovative ideas. Invest on keeping your employees up-to-date and proper training.

These are just quick thaughts, so feel free to post your comments.