Going to MMS? See you there!

Hey team, so MMS is just a few short sleeps away (9 for me, maybe a few more for you), so it’s that time when I list out the sessions I’m involved in.

MMS is always a blast, and this year will be no different!  Here’s my agenda:

  • The Keynote, always the keynote Smile … I’ll see you there bright eyed on Monday morning.
  • The keynote demo deconstruction … every year we put an incredible amount of time and effort into building and delivering the keynote demos (sometimes they are a little too good) and this year we are going to run a session after the keynote where Michael and I will go through each demo, explain why we picked it, how we built it, and show you how you can go do this yourself. 
  • AD 2012 … huge investment area, loads of goodness that are not widely understood.  This session will go through it all, loads of content and some great demo from Raymond Chou from Redynamics
  • Dynamic Access Control … say what now?  exactly. an incredible solution that you can be using TODAY.  this session is the 101 overview, where I’ll help you understand how this comes together, then Brian Desmond, a rockstar Architect is going to bring it home with awesome demo.
  • ILL #1 AD 2012 … you heard about it in the AD session, now go hands-on, step-by-step with my soothing voice.  well, OK, maybe not soothing, but we’ll have some fun!
  • ILL #2 Secure remote access … possibly a better title is “remote working and everything you need” but this will be another rapid trip hands-on through Desktop Virt, DirectAccess, Offline domain join and Dynamic Access Control.
  • The deeper Dynamic Access Control session … We’ve got Matthias Wollnik from engineering (Microsoft speak for “dude who wrote the specs and developed the product”) to take you through the next stage.  You should not miss this session, I’ll be there watching and learning – well, not really, I’ll be rating Matthias on his performance, but don’t tell him!

MMS will be a great event, I look forward to seeing you there!