TechEd Foundation Sessions … Why are there 2 “Enabling Enterprise Mobility” sessions?

Hi all

There are two Foundation Sessions at TechEd that start with “Enabling Enterprise Mobility” … why?

We agonized over this and debated a lot, but ultimately these 2 sessions should be considered complimentary and you should go to 1 and watch the other later Smile.  Together they cover the breadth of what Microsoft does in this space, and we did not want to restrict or do an injustice to any of the content.

FDN02, which is “Enabling Enterprise Mobility with Windows Intune, Microsoft Azure and Windows Server” is the Enterprise Mobility with People-centric IT content, we look at Enterprise Mobility in a very broad sense … across platforms (so we will have the iOS and Android demos) and 4 main solution areas:

  • Mobile Device Management – policy, application deployment, Company Portal and so on.  This is Configuration Manager and Windows Intune
  • Desktop Virtualization – Remote Desktop Services, VDI etc
  • Access & Information Protection – Windows Server BYOD scenarios … Workplace Join, Work Folders, Rights Management, AD FS, Web Application Proxy
  • Hybrid Identity – Azure AD Premium, AD, Identity Manager, Sync and Federation

FDN03, which is “Enabling Enterprise Mobility with Windows and Microsoft Office 365” is, as you can tell by the name, the Windows (which includes Phone) and Office story, productivity, great devices and experiences, communication, collaboration and the Windows enterprise story.

Ultimately, you should go to the session that is best aligned to what you want to see and learn or that best fits the world you live and work in.

I can tell you that FDN02 is going to be very demo heavy including some new things you will not have seen in action before Winking smile.

We look forward to seeing you there.