Work Folders for Windows 7

Hi everyone

Today we are excited to release the Work Folders client for Windows 7.   We know a lot of our enterprise customers are running Windows 7 and also want to take advantage of being able to sync documents from File Servers to these clients.

A common question about Work Folders is it’s relationship to OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. Here’s the comparison:

  • OneDrive is a consumer service, not for work documents.  Store your personal stuff here.
  • OneDrive for Business allows you to take documents offline from SharePoint, either on-premises with SharePoint Server, or as part of Office 365, and also includes powerful collaboration and sharing capabilities.  Store your workgroup and work documents here.
  • Work Folders lets you take File Server data offline, it’s just your documents, not workgroup and does not have sharing or collaboration capabilities.

There are 2 important requirements for the Windows 7 client you should know about:

  1. The Windows 7 PC must be domain joined.
  2. We support Pro and above SKU’s

There are good, valid and well thought through reasons why these requirements are in place, and there are no workarounds.

You can get the bits from here.