New ADMP feature ideas?

Hello! I’m Scott Hoogerwerf, the program manager responsible for the ADMP. We’re just starting to gather feature ideas for the next version of the AD management pack and we wanted to reach out to the ADMP community for any feature ideas, changes in behavior etc. they would like to see in the next version. Specifically:

· Is there a specific piece of functionality that you’re dying to have that the current MP doesn’t provide?

· Does a specific piece of the MP work in a way that drives you crazy and you would like to see changed?

· Would you like to see a change in how a specific monitor is implemented?


If you have any feedback or suggestions, I encourage you to leave them in the comments of this posting. We’re committed to reviewing every piece of feedback so this is your chance to get your ideas in!


Also, just in case you’re wondering, we do not yet have a timeline for the next version of the ADMP. However, we’ll definitely post the information to the blog as soon as it’s locked down.