EF6.1.2 Beta 2 Available

Today we are making Beta 2 of the EF6.1.2 release available. This patch release contains bug fixes and some contributions from our community.


When will EF6.1.2 RTM?

We were originally planning to go straight to RTM from Beta 1. However, we ended up taking a number of important bug fixes after Beta 1 shipped and we decided that the churn in the code base warranted another pre-release before we RTM. The pre-releases are important because they allow our customers and provider/extension writers to report any issues before we ship the RTM release.

Our plan is to ship RTM sometime next month. This may change if we have additional high priority bugs reported on Beta 2.


What’s in Beta 2?

EF6.1.2 is mostly about bug fixes, you can see a list of the fixes included in EF6.1.2 on our CodePlex site.

We also accepted a couple of noteworthy changes from members of the community:

  • Query cache parameters can be configured from the app/web.configuration file

      <queryCache size='1000' cleaningIntervalInSeconds='-1'/>   
  • SqlFile and SqlResource methods on DbMigration allow you to run a SQL script stored as a file or embedded resource.

  • DbContext.Database.CurrentTransaction gives you access to the transaction the underlying store connection is enlisted in.


Where do I get the beta?

The runtime is available on NuGet. Follow the instructions on our Get It page for installing the latest pre-release version of Entity Framework runtime.

The tooling for Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2013, and Visual Studio 2015 Preview is available on the Microsoft Download Center.



This is a preview of changes that will be available in the final release of EF6.1.2 and is designed to allow you to try out the new features and report any issues you encounter. Microsoft does not guarantee any level of support on this release.

If you need assistance using the new features, please post questions on Stack Overflow using the entity-framework tag.


Thank you to our contributors

We’d like to say thank you to folks from the community who have contributed to the 6.1.2 release so far:

  • BrandonDahler
  • ErikEJ
  • Honza Široký
  • martincostello
  • UnaiZorrilla