Event: ADO.NET Provider Writer Tech Preview, February 6 - 8, 2007


The ADO.NET Provider Writer Tech Preview is an opportunity for ADO.NET provider writers to:

-          Gain an in-depth understanding of the features planned for the next major release of ADO.NET

-          Work with an early version of the upcoming community tech preview bits

-          Review product plans and specs

-          Meet the Data Programmability team

- Make sure your data source is fully functional on the next generation .NET platform

The event is also an opportunity for Microsoft to hear YOUR feedback for this release!


The provider writer event held in August was a major success. During the event, every provider writer in attendance was able to build a prototype of their provider that worked with the Entity Framework features in ADO.NET Orcas. We're building on that momentum, covering the changes and new features added since the last event. We have also increased our event capacity to accommodate more provider writers.

As with the prior event, this event is geared towards helping provider writers learn how to further enhance their providers to work with the next release of ADO.NET. The event will include overviews of the features, along with plenty of time for you to work in small labs to start enhancing your providers. Each provider writer will have their own space in our labs. Representatives from the development team will be available at various times during the day to answer questions that arise when working with the tech preview binaries. Attendees will also have the option to review specs and start working with a recent drop of the binaries prior to the event.

Q:   Can I attend the event if I did not attend the previous event?

A:   Absolutely! Attending the prior event is not a prerequisite.

Q:   If I attended the previous event, is there any reason to attend this one?

A:   Absolutely! As with most pre-release technologies, ADO.NET Orcas has undergone changes since the last event. We will cover these changes along with newly added features during the event, such as:

- Designer integration and command line tool support

- DML queries to submit pending changes to the data store

- Paging queries

- Provider manifest (supports custom functions and type semantics to provide a layer of abstraction between EDM data types and store specific data types)


There will be a more detailed schedule provided to attendees upon your attendance confirmation.

All information communicated during this event is covered by a mutual NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that we have in place with your organization (or you as an individual). If we do not have an NDA with you or your organization, we will ask you to sign one.


The 3-day event will take place on Tuesday February 6th through Thursday February 8th.


This event will take place in the customer labs on Microsoft's main Redmond campus, which includes private areas for each provider writer. We will send you a list of recommended hotels and MS Rate prices when you respond with your Mini Form (below, but you can find some basic information here.)

What is covered:

Microsoft will provide a continental breakfast and lunches on the campus during the event, as well as one dinner during the week. The cost of travel and lodging is not covered by Microsoft.

Please Respond Quickly:

While we are making more spaces available for this event, capacity is still limited. If we receive interest from more provider writers than we can accommodate, preference will be given to vendors who have previously shipped ADO.NET providers. Please respond to (DavidSc@microsoft.com) as soon as possible with the information in the Response Mini-Form below. We expect that most provider writers will want to send 2 or 3 representatives.


Response Mini Form (one for each attendee):

  • Contact Name:
  • IT or Business Role/Title:
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number:
  • Please provide some background on your provider:


We hope you can join us for this and look forward to your response.

Best regards,

David Sceppa

ADO.NET Program Manager

Microsoft Corporation