e by Book


My music, photos, movies and other media have all gone digital (I'm almost completely weaned off buying CDs) but every room I inhabit has a collection of books, even though I do the majority of reading from screens of various sizes, shapes and resolutions.

Some recent eBook news sheds some light on the puzzle and points at some latest attempts to move reading away from paper:

  • Epson have a prototype reader that apparently uses a hybrid e Ink-based screen giving 300dpi in what looks like a rather nice device [via MobileRead & Tech-On]
  • Ars have a review of Sony's PRS-505 which sports an "incredible screen with superb text reproduction"
  • The Independent newspaper has an article on 'the end of the page-turner' via which I found http://printisdeadblog.com/ — interesting stuff
  • Cnet is reporting that Amazon's 'Kindle' e-book reader will be unveiled on Monday; Newsweek have a cover story on The Future of Reading

...and while on the subject of alternatives to paper, I've just finished reading a plastic book (which Amazon helpfully lists as a paperback :-).