Acceptance Test Engineering guide - How to Decide if Software is Ready for You or Your Customer - Community Preview 2 released

On Monday, we released our CTP2 on Codeplex:

You’ll see it now includes the consumption model and also some recommendations on how to read the guide. There are three parts. Part I. Narratives and Models - this is a short section that is meant to be read end-to-end. This is where we define readiness assessment and acceptance testing and introduce several models that help conceptualize software acceptance. Among other things we discuss decision making process, risk evaluation, the doneness model and its variants for agile and Tayloristic processes. Part II consists of what we refer to as “Thumbnails”. Those are the short descriptions of various useful practices that also provide information on their applicability, risks addressed, implementation options and additional resources. The Thumbnails are complemented by the actual samples (Part III) that we’ve produced on a sample system (Global Bank). Both thumbnails and samples are meant to be used as references and in any order. 

You’ll notice there are still a number of empty sections. If you see an empty section, assume we will fill in the section before we complete the book.

Please provide it by posting a reply to the corresponding thread under Discussions on codeplex or as a reply to this blog post.

Happy reading! We look forward to your feedback!