Agile PreCon at PDC 2008

Mary Poppendieck and I are set to run a pre-conference workshop on Agile Perspectives: Industry and Microsoft.

In it, we will provide our observations on what works, what doesn’t in the world of agile, and why (we call this segment of the workshop “Reality of agile”). The objective is to provide pragmatic advice, recommendations and actions that you could use tomorrow to improve the way your teams produce software.

Mary, the author of popular Lean Software Development and Implementing Lean books, will provide her lean perspective from many years in the industry (if you want to find out more about Mary, check out this really good interview that Scott Hanselman took with both Mary and Tom Poppendieck, in which they challenge the notion of success in software industry). In turn, I am going to share my experience from several projects at Microsoft patterns & practices. Several other colleagues from Microsoft will join our panel at the end of the day to debate hot issues of agility. The floor will be open to audience participation. Mary and I identified several hot issues to bring up. However, it would be really good to know what kind of stuff you’d prefer us to touch upon. Please post your At-Issue suggestions in response to this post or simply email me. Thanks and see you in LA!