Developer’s Guide to Enterprise Library released!

Book cover of Developer's Guide to Microsoft® Enterprise Library, C# Edition

Lots of excitement in the area of Enterprise Library guidance!

As part of the Enterprise Library 5.0, we took on a mission to considerably improve the learning curve and create a pragmatic and approachable primer on EntLib! We hope with this release we’ve accomplished that goal. This guide helps you to quickly grasp what EntLib’s reusable components can do for you. It is authored by the team who built Enterprise Library 5.0 with Alex Homer being the lead writer. The foreword is written by Scott Guthrie. In Scott’s words, “You are holding in your hands a book that will make your life as an enterprise developer a whole lot easier.

Developers love examples. We know that. That’s why the guide presents many well-annotated examples and makes it easier for you to start experimenting with EntLib.

So why wait? Dive right into it:

- Foreword by Scott Guthrie

- Developer’s Guide to Enterprise Library, C# edition at the publisher’s site (O’Reilly, print, Mobi, PDF, ePub)

- Developer’s Guide eBook at Safari Books Online

- Developer’s Guide content in HTML at MSDN

- Source code samples at Codeplex

- Developer’s Guide on Amazon

Please be sure to provide your feedback through Codeplex. Or even better, post a review on O’Reilly or Amazon, write a blog post or a tweet, or drop me a note.

On a separate note, several days ago, I’ve completed a final proof read of the Russian version of the guide. It should be available next month. I’ll update the post with a corresponding link. We are also planning other international editions, including Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

Additionally, we are currently working on another edition of the book targeting specifically VB.NET developers.

Also, as you read the book, don’t forget other learning resources we are providing: Hands-On Labs and full reference docs.

Did I mention how excited I am about this release? :) It’s just great to see your vision become a reality!

Happy reading, happy learning, happy coding!