Enterprise Library 4.0 March 2008 CTP released

We are pleased to announce the release of the EntLib 4.0 March 2008 CTP and invite your feedback.

This release has been adapted to work with WMI version 2.0 and version 3.5 of the .NET Framework.

Enterprise Library 4.0 has the Allow Partially-Trusted Caller attribute (APTCA) on all assemblies. This means that you can call the methods of Enterprise Library and the application blocks from an application running in a partial trust environment. You can do this with the signed assemblies provided with Enterprise Library. There is no longer any requirement, as there was in version 3.x, to recompile the source code then either use the unsigned binaries or strong-name them yourself.

The Caching Application Block has been refactored to allow developers to replace the CacheManager class with other implementations, including the ones offered by the distributed cache solution providers. This does not affect the API of the application block.

There are also additions in functionality to the Logging Application Block, the Validation Application Block, the Exception Handling Application Block. For details see the change log on the release page.

Note: This community preview does not include the integration with Unity or the integrated Visual Studio 2008 config tool. These features are plannned for the final release.

EntLib4.0 March 2008 CTP download site

We look forward to your feedback!

-- Grigori