Enterprise Library 5.0 … and we’re off!

We have officially started our development work on EntLib5.0. Earlier I’ve shared our product backlog, which was largely driven by you, the community. Our initial plan is to ship in early 2010.

If you want to stay tuned with what we’re doing, the best way is to keep an eye on the home page of our community site at http://codeplex.com/entlib. Here, you can view recent posts aggregated from individual team members’ blogs, participate in online discussions, get the most recent bits of code, see file bugs/issues, and access other useful resources.

As you probably know, we run our projects in agile fashion (XP@Scrum). For those wondering, yes, we do perform TDD, pairing (I kid you not! – even distributed pairing), automated acceptance testing, refactoring, daily standups, regular retrospectives, customer proxy demos, and iteration planning; plus frequent releases, continuous integration, collective code/content ownership, low-fi information radiators, and progress tracking. We are working in two-week iterations and will be doing regular source drops on Codeplex.

Now it’s time to introduce the mighty team. You will recognize some familiar faces (many of us have worked on one or more of the previous EntLib releases) and also see some new ones. I am privileged to work with this group of accomplished professionals. I give you… <drum roll please>:


from left to right: David Hill (architect), Alex Homer (documentation and user experience lead/writer), Chris Tavares (dev lead/architect), Bob Brumfield (dev/architect), Fernando Simonazzi (dev/architect), François Tanguay (system test/dev), Nelly Delgado (release lead), Grigori Melnik (product owner/program manager). Not shown are: Rohit Sharma (test lead), RoAnn Corbisier (technical writer/content coordinator), Dennis DeWitt (technical writer), Carlos Farre (perf test consultant), Mani Krishnaswami (test), Nicolas Botto (system test/dev), Olaf Conijn (dev), Mr X (security test).

For the kickoff iteration, we were able to get the core of the team together in Redmond. The level of energy was remarkable! This team has all necessary expertise, diversity of perspectives, and desire to deliver even more goodness and value with EntLib v5.0.

You should realize that, in reality, the team is way bigger. It includes 20 members of the advisory board who we meet with on a regular basis (every 2-3 weeks). These experts help steer our direction. I must say that they are quite direct and honest, and are not shy in pushing back on any of our ideas that don’t make sense to them or do not provide sufficient value for the buck. The advisory board is representative of our target audience with experts from large and small companies, from a wide variety of domains (such as retail, transportation, government, insurance, finance, military, health care, education, media, IT services, and more).

We are also leveraging much of the learning from the previous four major releases of EntLib. Therefore, we appreciate everyone who has ever been a part of the EntLib team. We are smarter today because of you!

In addition, seven members of the patterns & practices directorate (John deVadoss, Ade Miller, Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, Don Smith, Javed Sikander, Mohammad Al-Sabt, and Steve Elston) blessed our project. Their trust and support in our abilities to self-organize and self-manage are real tokens of confidence.

All other teams at patterns & practices are involved and provide their feedback informally on the daily basis. We also interact with many members of other Microsoft product groups via regular workshops, brownbags, and internal discussion forums (with 300+ members).

I would also like to acknowledge our sustained engineering team from Avanade, who have been doing a terrific job in providing online technical support.

And, of course, you – the community! Anyone who ever participated in our surveys, submitted requests/bug reports through Codeplex, shared their EntLib extensions via EntLibContrib, participated in the customer workshops, came to our booth at the conventions (TechEd, PDC, p&p summit, etc.), or in any other way provided feedback or suggestions has contributed to this development effort. For that, we salute and thank you! We build EntLib for you and with you!

We all look forward to yet another exciting ride developing EntLib v5.0!