Enterprise Library 5.0 preview video posted

The talk Bob and I gave at the p&p Redmond summit in October is now available for online viewing. In it we discuss and demo (use time breakpoints  to fast forward to a specific topic):

  • the overall theme of the release – simplicity & improved user experience (00:00)
  • data accessors (06:25)
  • higher performing logging (18:00)
  • fluent configuration interface (20:32)
  • config tool facelift and making it easier to plug in custom extensions to the config tool (30:18) –
  • honouring validation attributes between VAB and System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations (41:08)
  • tackling external and internal complexity with architectural refactoring and resulting testability improvements  (42:16)
  • container independence (43:34)

Enjoy! If you like what you see and want to play with EntLib5.0, download the most recent bits from entlib.codeplex.com and provide your feedback.

Enterprise Library v5 preview at the p&p Summit 2009

 Update 04/28/2010: A high resolution video has been posted and available from here.

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