Enterprise Library: alive and well - planning v3.5

It’s been over a month since I posted a survey on EntLib extensibility. Big thanks to all respondents (over 100 ) – your thoughtful answers are valuable in understanding EntLib usage and extensibility scenarios. Now we are in full motion, planning v3.5 release of EntLib. The objectives are to port EntLib to Orcas and .NET3.5 and to improve existing application blocks as well as guidance on how to use them. As I mentioned in my Codeplex posting, we do not plan introducing any new blocks.

Based on the responses on Codeplex, on Tom’s blog, discussions in online fora, and the number of completed downloads ( >330K so far this year alone and 750K since the first release in 2005 - I wonder if we should plan something special for the one millionth downloader :), EntLib clearly has very enthusiastic users! Thanks for your energy and ideas on how to improve EntLib. Keep them coming – post suggestions here or on Codeplex (please make sure there is a way for us to contact you if we require any clarifications). We’ll have them reviewed, aggregated, and presented to the Advisory board and back to you, EntLib users community, for voting.

We are also looking for stories/case studies on how various organizations currently use EntLib (especially new blocks introduced in v3 – validation and policy injection). If you’d like to share yours, post it or contact me.