Enterprise Library FAQs wiki now open

Greetings, the Enterprise Library user community!

Today the patterns & practices EntLib team together with the EntLib support team from Avanade is pleased announce the Enterprise Library Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) wiki. We’ve done a sweep of discussion topics through the Codeplex site and our mailboxes and distilled a collection of tips, tweaks, pointers and trouble shooting methods to most frequently asked questions. Check it out!

This is a part of our continuing effort to improve learnability and ease of use of the Enterprise Library.

Importantly, this is a live wiki, not a static document (though if you prefer a printable version, we’ve made one available too). Feel free to comment on any of the answers with your additional suggestions or tricks you want to share. Also, if you have encountered the same question many times and you know how to answer but do not see it on the list, go ahead, add it. Please make sure your answers are meaningful and helpful (an easy way to determine if they are, is whether somebody had thanked you for those answers previously :)