Interception in Silverlight demo

UnityInterception Interception has been released as a Unity container extension since v1.2 (October 2008). However, it was not available on Silverlight. Until now.

In this Channel9 screencast, we discuss interception as a code modularization technique for dealing with cross-cutting concerns.  We contrast 2 types of interception - instance and type interception.

Using the newly implemented interception support provided by the Silverlight Integration Pack, we show a virtual method interceptor in action (which can intercept any methods declared virtual on your type).  We also show the nuts and bolts of implementing custom interception behaviors and connecting them into a chain-of-responsibility.

Though the demo targets Silverlight, it can also be helpful for those learning how to take advantage of Unity Interception in their desktop CLR apps.

See also: sample code used in the screencast, other Silverlight Integration Pack demos.