Microsoft Enterprise Library 6 - Wave 2 Release

Last month we shipped the new versions of Microsoft Enterprise Library and Unity. They've been very well received. Today we are pleased to add the following guidance assets to enhance the set of reusable components:

  1. Reference Implementation (RI) – an end-to-end sample application that showcases the use of various application blocks from Enterprise Library.
    • Note the RI comes in 2 versions – for EntLib v5.0 and for EntLib6. This was intentional as we have never produced an RI for v5.0 and by doing so we were also able to guide you through a migration process.
    • It’s highly recommended you review the installation guide packaged with the RI first.
  2. Enterprise Library 6 binaries – full set (includes all binaries and doesn’t require any ports to be open to pull additional dependencies via NuGet) – this is in response to the requests of the customers in constrained network environments.
  3. New Unity Developer’s Guide with code samples.
  4. Updated Enterprise Library Developer’s Guide (preview) with code samples.
  5. Enterprise Library Quickstarts , including:
    • Semantic Logging: Flush on Error Trigger.
    • Semantic Logging: Alarm Flood Throttle.
    • Reconfiguring Logging Application Block at runtime (via a verbosity setting in an appSetting in the configuration file).
    • Reconfiguring Semantic Logging Application Block at runtime (via a service setting for a Windows Azure role).
  6. Unity Quickstarts :
    • StopLight showcases basic container usage such as type mapping and resolving with attributes.
    • Event Broker showcases the use of a custom extension to wire up events instead of wiring them up through code.
  7. Updated Config tool VSIX package for Visual Studio 2012
    • Addresses an issue of side-by-side editing of v5 and v6 solution properties if you have both installed .
  8. Updated Unity reference documentation (preview).
  9. Updated Enterprise Library reference documentation (preview).

As a reminder, we also have a Migration Guide, which we shipped earlier, to help you move your app from using EntLib v5 to v6.

We hope these additional materials will help you learn EntLib and Unity and get quickly up to speed in using them.

In p&p we consider the written guidance that complements our code to be as important as the code itself. We spend a lot of time and effort making sure that it’s technically accurate, as well as engaging to read. We appreciate your patience while we work on polishing and finalizing the developer’s guides and making them available as books (both printed and eBooks). We’ll gratefully accept your feedback on any of the above. We are also seeking EntLib and Unity users willing to share their stories as case studies to be included in the guides. If you are interested in contributing a short story, please contact me for details.

Happy learning, happy experimenting, happy coding!