Preliminary Enterprise Library for Silverlight backlog is published. Vote now!

Greetings, Silverlight LOB developers!

We’ve published our preliminary backlog for the Enterprise Library 5.0 Silverlight Integration Pack, based on numerous discussions and user feedback. It also includes stories for the update of Unity 2.0 for Silverlight.

You can find it at

It’s rather a comprehensive list of stories, some of which are mutually exclusive. However, we’ve decided to include them all since they have been suggested by you, our users. It may be easier to navigate the list if you filter by a specific category like Logging or Validation just by clicking on the category name.

Now is your time to vote and comment on the stories to help us determine what gets into the release. You get 25 votes to use. As we review the stories, we will accept some of them early on and your votes will be returned to you for voting on additional stories.

Please vote now! Don’t delay, since development is scheduled to start mid January.

Also, if I may ask you to invite others to vote, that would be great. Please post, tweet, retweet.