So after spending most of this year over in Redmond working on That Which Shall Not Be Named™, I am back in Dublin and part of the adCenter analytics team. Unfortunately we don't have our own blog yet, but you can see what the main team is up to here.

My last project involved working with C#, Avalon (WPF in .NET 3.0), and CAB. It was interesting, I definitely learned a lot, and most importantly met some rather smart people who I now consider friends ... and possibly WoW addicts but that's another story :)

Apart from the new technology, I also experienced first-hand the wonders of 'agile'* practices and am now a strong proponent of Test-Driven Development, pair programming (especially Micro-Pairing), and short development iterations.

I'm going to be writing on the new subject areas I encounter for analytics, the wonderful weather in Dublin, and hopefully a post or two about agile-related subjects.

* The more I hear the word 'agile' used in a thousand different places, the more I cringe every time I say it myself. It seems to be a synonym for 'scrum' in some environments and the latest buzz-word in others. The collection of methodologies it represents is great, and definitely useful, but the word itself is quickly going out of favour for me.