Creating a Response Group #1: Enabling an AD User to be a Lync User with Enterprise Voice Enabled

The first step in the journey to create a Response Group is to have Lync User with Enterprise voice enabled.

I am using the Lync Server Management Shell, if I were using another PowerShell I would have to import the Lync Module first:  Import-Module Lync.

  • 1. Identify the AD user we want to add:
    $user = Get-CsAdUser |? {$_.FirstName -Like "Ahmet"}
  • 2. Enable this AD user to become a Lync Server user.
    $registrar = (Get-CsService |? {$_.Role -like "Registrar"}).PoolFqdn
    Enable-CsUser -Identity $user.Name -RegistrarPool $registrar -SipAddressType SamAccountName -SipDomain ""
  • 3. Enable the Lync user to be Enterprise Voice Enabled
    Set-CsUser $user.Id -EnterpriseVoiceEnabled $true

If you forget to enable your agent for enterprise voice you can still add him to an AgentGroup but he will not be eligible to get call from the Response Group (he will not receive any invite). You would see a warning logged in the Event log once Active Directory happen (roughly every 8 hours).

The next step, now that we have valid users, will be to create an AgentGroup.