Update RGS synchronization interval with active directory

The collection of agents assigned to a Response Group can be pretty dynamic depending on the scenario we try to support. In some cases, the collection of agents is mostly static and needs to be updated only once in a while. In some other cases, the collection needs to be updated daily or even hourly.

To support this kind of scenarios, the agent groups support to have their agents collection updated via a distribution list (from active directory), so as an administrator we just have to maintain an AD group.

By default, RGS, synchronization interval with AD is eight hours. This might not fit into all scenarios. If you need to have a shorter cycle time, there is still an option: creating a config file for OcsAppServerHost.exe.

Below is what you will want to insert into the config file (more details in the KB about this):

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
       <add key="AdUpdateInterval" value="Number" />



Number needs to between 5 and 480 and it represents minutes J. Save the file as OcsAppServerHost.exe.config in the folder where the OcsAppServerHost.exe file is located.

Once you have this done, just restart RGS and you cycle time will be the one you entered in the config file.

If you are using OCS 2007 R2, there is a patch to make this work.