Media Centers and .Text Skins

Portable Media Centers
I've been holding out buying an iPod because most of my music is in WMA and I really don't want to rip all my CDs again. I also have a Windows Media Center and the integration with the portable media centers seems really interesting. I will be able to record TV (a la Tivo), but also multiple shows at the same time! (I think Tivo might do this too now). Then I will be able to sync the portable media center to the windows media center and have the shows sync to the device. I'll be able to watch Futurama anywhere now! Too bad they aren't making any new episodes.
Two devices are listed on ( Out of the two, the Samsung one looks nicer to me (pictured on the right side). But what I'm holding out for is this: Which doesn't say it's going to run media center, but while googling, I found people saying a PMP-100 model will support media center.

Finally, how does the new skin on this blog look? I like it much more than the old ones. The CSS is interesting too. It looks like it uses DirectX to draw the gradient (which, I'm told, doesn't show up in Firefox... I'm not surprised).