Windows Live Product Search

In a post last week, I mentioned that there was more to come. Earlier tonight, we unveiled yet another product that the MSN Shopping team has been working on. We released Windows Live Product Search. Now folks searching on will be able to search for things they are looking to buy. Please keep in mind this is also still a beta. We put a lot of hard work into this and this was a fun and challenging experience.

Firefox users will be glad to know that the site does indeed work for Firefox. And for those who think MS is out to screw firefox, know that there were questions from management to ask if Product Search supports firefox. The answer is yes. (unless you got an old version, we found a few problems if you're running an older build of firefox).

We have a team blog set up here: There's a post with our lead PMs introduction to what Product Search is about. I'm in one of the team pictures. Also, there's another picture of me really relaxed in our daily scrum meeting.