Windows Live Shopping Beta released today

Sorry for being so quiet for such a long time, but we've been hard at work to provide a great new release. Even thought it's only been a short time since our last release, today we have launched Windows Live Shopping. It's currently in beta right now and we're aware that there's some browser compatibility work to be done, but take a look and tell us what you think. I'm especially happy with the addition of the shopping list feature.

In addition, don't forget to also check out This is great new thing we also added today that works in conjuction with Windows Live Shopping. In the past, we've provided you with content, but we know some of you have more expertise in some areas and now's your time to show it. With shopping guides, you can write your own guides and share your shopping knowledge with the world.

That's it.... for now.... stay tuned for another release from the MSN Shopping team shortly.