PDC 2008 in Channel 9

I mentioned in an earlier post that I am part of the track team for PDC 2008. As a team we spend close to 4 hours a week reviewing sessions, breakouts, lunch sessions, demo stations, track lounges and more. Mike Swanson, the content owner for this year's PDC runs these meetings. Mike and Jennifer Ritzinger have started a new show called "Countdown to PDC 2008" and the very first episode of this show is now live at Channel 9. It's a fun show and they keep this show under 10 mins. And yes the timing is enforced by a state of the art timing device. You will see what I am talking about in the video.

I also mentioned about pre conferences in an earlier post. Brian Keller stopped by one of our pre-con planning meetings and recorded this video of Jaime Rodriguez, Brian Randell, and me talking about the VSTS and Agile pre-cons at this years PDC.

 Enjoy the videos!