pnp Summit videos online

We concluded another great p&p Summit in Redmond between Nov 3rd and 7th. This event garnered the highest satisfaction score of all the summit held so far. 99% of the attendees indicated they will recommend this summit to others.

We have published the recording of the following 3 sessions from the summit online.

Distributed Agile Development

In this presentation, Ade Miller, Development Manager for patterns & practices, discusses how to optimize your distributed agile development projects. patterns & practices has been using Agile development for over five years now, and Ade presents the highlights of key learnings, do and don'ts, what's worked and what hasn't worked, as well as general observations and challenges.

Driving Development with Acceptance Testing

What is Acceptance Testing? Acceptance Testing is a planned evaluation of a software system by a customer or customer proxy to assess to what degree it satisfies their expectations. In this presentation, Grigori Melnik and Michael Puleio discuss Acceptance Testing and how Acceptance Testing can help drive the development process.

Guidance for SharePoint/Windows SharePoint Services

In this presentation, Blaine Wastell (p&p Senior Program Manager) and Francis Cheung (p&p Developer) discuss the newly released patterns & practices SharePoint guidance, a practical guide for developing departmental intranet applications. This guidance leads you through architectural decisions, the application of good design principles, and how to give closed loop feedback to developers. It also provides good examples of how to develop intranet applications, and takes the mystery out of deployment and updates.

Happy watching!