What’s in p&p SharePoint Guidance v2?

patterns & practices released SharePoint development guidance v1 back in November of last year. Check out this video for a brief overview and the patterns used.

As you may know, we are working on the next version of the guidance which will cover:

Enterprise Quality

  • Tested and well understood scale characteristics
  • Performance tuned application utilizing techniques to achieve high throughput and scale
  • Manageable - configurable with instrumentation and diagnostics

Content Driven Applications

  • An application that mixes authoring and development
  • Composite oriented with more loosely coupled application logic
  • Employees content authoring and WCM(including publishing)

Extending LOB Systems

  • Securely integrates LOB system information with collaboration and publishing scenarios
  • Demonstrates techniques for managing connectivity to LOB systems (BDC, credential management and SSO, WCF,etc)

Check out the CodePlex project site for more information.

We run two week iterations and release the source code and guidance from each of these iterations into our CodePlex project site. We are planning to do a video with every drop that will guide you through the content.

We are very interested in your feedback on the guidance. So please let us know what you like and what you don't. Of course, you could tell us if you liked the video or not as well.
Watch our Channel 9 blog for the video based on our Drop 6 and Drop 7.

What’s in Drop 7?


What’s in Drop 6?


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