Work Item Migration Utility from Conchango

Conchango released version 2 of their Scrum for Team System template several months ago. Simon Bennett from Conchango mentioned about the different utilities that their team built along the way. One of them is the "Work Item Migration utility".

Here is a link to a blog posting with details on this migration utility and a pointer to the download.

In a post last month, I mentioned about the WPF based task board from Conchango. Below is the few images of this utility. Click here to see a video of this task board utility. One of our teams at p&p is using the Conchango template and the beta version of the task board. I will be posting a blog (and a video) later this month on our use of the template and the task board.


While on the topic of task boards, I met with the folks from Green Pepper Software during the Agile 2008 conference. They have built a neat little integration into TFS web access that presents TFS work items has index cards with drag and drop capabilities. This will come us a pretty useful tool for iteration planning. I will be posting a video that I recorded during the Agile conference with the demo of this integration shortly (i.e. as soon as I get some time to do post production work on the video).

Stay tuned.