My Favourite Wiki-OS Demo

One of the coolest features of Wiki-OS is the possibility to access the source of an application, do some changes, recompile it and tests the changes without having to close the application (ok, if you change the layout of a window, you'll have to close and reopen this window to see the new version).

Here is a small sample, let's start the "My Favourite Demo" application and click on the "Hello ! " button :

Hello World...

It does not seem correct, let's click on the "Edit" button :

Edit button

It opens the Code Editor, while the application is still there (look at the taskbar) :

Code Editor

Let's double click on the "Hello !" button, we see that its code delegates the work to the MySuperAssistant class :

private void HelloButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) {    MySuperAssistant assistant = new MySuperAssistant();    string answer = assistant.StartDialog(NameTextBox.Text);    MessageBox.Show(answer);}

Let's now open the MySuperAssistant class and replace
return "Hello world";
return "Hello " + name;

Let's now Save the changes : this will trigger a compilation of the updated classe(s) and all its/their dependencies.


Now switch back to the application with the taskbar, there is no need to launch it again, and click the same "Hello !" button as previously : "et voilà !" the application has been corrected by a simple user :-)

Application is now OK