workshop on agility and domain specific languages

Steven Kelly of MetaCase and I are doing a workshop at XP2005  on  "Agile Development with Domain Specific Languages".  Steven has been designing language-oriented programming tools for years, so it will be nice to work with him on this.

Do DSLs help agility? Do they help scale agile methods? Does using a DSL get in the way of agility; or are there ways of mitigating that? Well, I have a feeling the answer to all those is "yes" - but I'm looking forward to delving into the issue in detail. If you'd like to come and join us, send me a page or two about where you're coming from (preferably before June 5th). 

The workshop is on Monday June 20th in Sheffield, UK, which is pleasantly close to the Pennine hills. So I'll be having some nice walks the weekend before.