A slight change in direction

One of the things I like the least about Microsoft is how large the company has become - it also happens to be one of the great things about the company. Before you tell me to shut up and stop being so confusing, I'll try to explain myself. One advantage of having so many different technologies at one company is that if your career comes to a point where you want to do something slightly (or drastically!) different, you can change jobs within the company. After nearly 5 years of working on Windows CE, I've decided to take another position in the company. I'll do a lot of the same things I've been doing, plus some new things - which I guess I'd have to do to fill in the void of CE being out of my life. This means that my CE related posts will likely stop, but it seems that the majority of my posts were related to general testing issues anyway. 

For those of you in the CE developer community who read this blog, please let me know if there's any information I promised you that I haven't written about yet. If I don't get to it before I leave the group, I'll still do everything I can to get it done soon.

I'm on vacation next week, but plan to get back to a regular posting schedule soon after I get back.