Ack! What happened to my blog?

"Ack", of course, is a quote from my favorite fictional cat, Bill. The problem with my blog is the same problem that many (most?) other blogs have - too long of a gap between posts. This summer has been one for the ages. My motorcycle has been in the shop for almost the entire three weeks that we call summer here in Seattle. I'm presenting at STAR in November, and my slides and paper need to be done by the end of August. On top of that, I'm putting together eighteen hours of curriculum for advanced testing (kind of like grad school for testers) that needs to be done by the middle of september.

Regardless of my excuses, I'm still embarrassed that I haven't taken the five minutes it takes me to put together a post to together a post.

I think it will be interesting to share some of the curriculum here - there's certainly nothing confidential, and it will force me to think through a few things that are new to me. More on that (and one more post in my "nostalgia" series) in the next few days.