Dammit Jim, I'm a tester, not a marketer

Over the last 7 days hwtsam appeared on amazon.com and other online sites, briefly surged in sales, then tapered off into where I expected yet-another-book-on-software-testing to go. The thing about this book is that it's not just another book on software testing. (Besides being my book), it's more about stories and pragmatic advice than theory (although there's some of that too).

Something tells me I should be doing more to get the word out. I've contacted a few bloggers I respect to see if they'd review the book on their blog. I'm also speaking at a few conferences in the spring (although not directly about the book) - but that's not for 4 months.

What else should I be doing? Do the folks at testrepublic, softwaretestingclub, or sqaforums have someplace I should be hanging out begging people to buy the book? I hate to spam people with info they may not want to see, but I would love to get enough copies out in the world that I could start to build up groups of people who both love and despise me!

Any thoughts from the masses on what else I (or Bj or Ken, for that matter) should be doing?