STAR Notes

STAR is officially over. As usual, it was a good experience. I was able to put faces to a lot of names I know from the testing community, I saw a wide variety of presentations, and I had a many conversations with different testers. In fact, during one of those conversations, Shrini told me I should blog more, so I'm going to give that a shot and see how it goes.

As fate (or the airlines) would have it, my flight home doesn't leave for another five hours, so I've set myself up at a table in the hotel lobby to get a bit of work done.

I don't like to comment on specific presentations I saw because the presenter may not have a chance to comment. I'll offer a few notes on my talk instead.

My presentation was fun - I'm always surprised how many people hang around for Friday presentations. My room was pretty full, but as I expected, once I showed a few of the dreaded code samples a handful of the meek hearted sprinted for the exit. The gist of the talk was about finding bugs before they get to the test team (because everyone knows that finding bugs earlier saves money). In particular, I talked about some of my experiences using static analysis tools to find bugs, and how I got development teams to adopt usage of these tools within their normal build process. Sprinkle in a few comments on bug prevention and "moving quality upstream", and that's pretty much the hour.

The audiences at STAR are always very nice - I had good questions after the talk (btw - the big (or maybe only) advantage of speaking on the final day is that people are only stopping you to talk about your talk or related materials for a few hours rather than days).

After presenting at PSQT last week, it will nice to be back home for a while...before heading to Japan in two weeks.