The HWTSAM bug list (so far)

No book on testing would be complete without a bug list. HWTSAM is no exception! Some “book people” call this stuff errata, but let’s just call a bug a bug.

There are two distinct types of bugs: Author bugs, and Production bugs. The Author bugs are those where we, as authors, made mistakes. The Production bugs were introduced after our final sign off. To you, the end user, it doesn’t matter – these are bugs. If we ever do a second edition, we’ll take care of all of these.

Here’s what we know about so far:

1) In the intro, I state that Ken approached me in the fall of 2007. On reflection, it was actually late fall 2006. I began writing the first chapter in January 2007 (chapter 4 to be exact). Minor issue, but an Author Bug nonetheless.

2) The table on p. 19 is missing a line between USA (California) and Hyderabad (Production Bug)

3) There’s a bit of weirdness with the code coverage data on page 119. Bj explains it in detail on his blog here. (Author bug)

4) On page 125, the text refers to the Int.Parse() function, but it doesn’t exist in the code fragment (oops – Author Bug)

5) In the code sample on the bottom of page 235, I have mismatched quotes in two of the lines. (definite Author Bug).

6) The story about testing on page 227 has the phrase “as shown in the following graphic…” For technical reasons, we pulled that graphic, but missed that bit of referring text (Author Bug)

7) Figure 14-2 on page 327 reads “Browsers (IF, Firefox, Mozilla).  The IF should be IE or Internet Explorer but not IF (Author Bug)

8) Part IV starts on p. 363, but the section text at the top of the pages changes to part IV at the beginning of chapter 14. (Production Bug)

9 )In  the index (p. 413), Königsberg has garbage characters in place of the ö (Production Bug)

10) We forgot to include a bibliography (or forgot to think thoroughly about including one). Although we reference a lot of books via footnotes in the text, one tester in particular is quite annoyed that we didn’t reference the writing that inspired us in the first place. I’ll post a bibliography sometime and include one in the 2nd edition.

July 15, 2009  Adding a few more:

11) In the graphic on page 235 of HWTSAM, the ellipsis falls after “Test Case #100”, rather than between “Test Case #8” and “Test Case #100” (Author bug) - Thanks to Jeremy Ellsworth

12) Table 5-1, bottom of page 83, should have an i2 in the Invalid class subsets column, instead of just an i after i1 (Author Bug) - thanks to Shaun McCabe

13) BVA test #39 on page 97 should have 1 as the month instead of 3 (Author Bug) - sorry - I don't remember who told me this one

I’m sure I’m missing a few more – I’ll add them as I find or hear about them.