2006 - a Structured Blogging year?

Jeff Clavier covers the Structured Blogging initiative announced yesterday:

"Marc Canter is on stage to announce the launch of StructuredBlogging.org , a non-profit initiative supporting the development and deployment of micro-formats in blog posts. The idea is pretty simple (but the implementation across all industry players is far from easy): as opposed to publishing a review of say, a movie, in a text format, a micro-format defines a number of fields that can be entered related to the movie: title, producer, director, actors, etc. Having information available in XML will make it much easier to intelligently extract elements of data to search, aggregate and syndicate. Specific plugins have been developed for WordPress and MovableType to make it easy to publish these formats through a blog. There are a couple of examples on the StructuredBlogging blog ."

Richard MacManus:

"Structured blogging has been talked about for a wee while now and, as is usual in the RSS world, has had competing ideas and formats to deal with. But this latest development marks a milestone, because there are now Structured Blogging plugins available for the two main 'early adopter' blog platforms - MT and Wordpress. That's what Phil and a whole host of others (named in his post) have been working so hard on to release today."

I agree with Richard that 2006 is going to be a big year for Structured Blogging.

Philip Pearson is doing a great job of logging the reactions of the unstructured blogosphere

And in case you're wondering what the hell this Structured Blogging stuff is all about, I suggest you watch this Structured Blogging screencast by Joe Reger.