4 plugs in one post - beat that.

My wife was given a business card by Shel Israel at the Naked Conversations party last week, and she loved the card.

'I want one of these for Unwind' she said (ok, this is another blatant plug for her business - she provides Chair Massage for companies in the Seattle area and the UK.  Given that my last mention of her business on my blog got Chris Pirillo to take an interest in some Chair massage at his workplace, who by the way is taking registrations for Gnomedex 6.0 happening June 29 to July 2006, I thought it wouldn't hurt, and that you, dear reader, wouldn't mind too much...;-)

We've been taking it in turns to read the book, we're really loving it. Kate's actually thinking of starting a blog.  That's a big deal, for me at least.

Anyway, back to the business card. On one side of the card are Shel's details, on the other side is a cartoon by Hugh MacLeod of gapingvoid - it was a blog card.  I think she's going to order some, maybe even try for a custom one if she can afford it.

I saw this cartoon below.

Loved it.