A mouse that traveled 5.47893 miles in a single week

William Drentel writes a great post on the mapping of cyberspace. One perspective includes that of the movements of user's mouse:

"Imagine mapping the endless and repetitive paths of your computer's mouse for a single week — every click, every fetch, every drag. It's a map of one activity drawn over a defined period of time — a mouse that traveled 5.47893 miles in a single week. Every graphite line fragment signifies the gathering of some bit of information, a connection to a friend, the highlighting of a textual phrase to erase — plus the implied risk, after this distance traveled, of Repetitive Strain Injury. This drawing happened at a desk somewhere, but the context being mapped is elsewhere. It's a map that captures a piece of the puzzle, but only a sliver."

Looks like an Apple user to me - lots of top-left.