Accenture launches RSS screensaver

"Researchers at Accenture Technology Labs have just launched a tool that combines your choice of RSS feeds with a screensaver format. See for yourself with our free download.

...This screensaver acts in the same way as a web browser pulling information from the Internet. At no time however does it either collect or transmit your personal information for re-use."

I've tried it and the best I can describe it is as a bit of fun. Maximum of 12 feeds you can subscribe to at any one time (due to the layout they've desgined - they've got a pic of Tiger Woods taking up 1/3 of the screen and dedicating 1/20 of the screen to feed navigation)....can't add my own feeds as the option to do so is visible but disabled. I can't take s screenshot to show you'll just have to try it out yourself.

I'm not slagging this effort off: this is a good start for a large management consultancy in the world of RSS, but it is largely unusable :-(

Btw, heard about this via a German blog, das RSS-Blog, via FeedTagger.(Feedtagger, if you're listening: I'd love you to provide a langugae filter for search results).