Ashes over the internet

One of the things I've been missing since moving to Seattle is the cricket. Until now.

With the Ashes starting soon...I looked around for the various options I might have, including sattelite and online delivery. The DirecTV via sattelite option was too expensive as I don't have the DirecTV gear installed. This would cost me $480 for a 12 month base-level package plus $225 for the cricket channel. If I already subscribed to a DirecTV service this would be $225. I also looked at Setanta.TV, an online service, but they don't have any details yet.

Insstead I've gone for DirecTV and Willow TV's online service - $209.95 for whole of the 2005 international cricket season - all countries (including ODI's). The service provides a 400kbps (and lower if you need it) live stream, delivered over Akamai's network.

The picture quality is very good - not TV quality, but good enough. I'm in heaven. Well, not quite...all I need now is for England to beat Australia in the Ashes Test Series ;-)