Atlas: 'no client installation at all'.

Eric Dolecki writes about his concerns regarding the news of Microsoft's Ajaz project, Atlas::

word on the street is that if you build an application using Atlas, it
might require a browser add-on in order for it to work. Am I the only
one who thinks that would be disastrous? If its true, I would hope few
adopt it, less you start forcing a particular browser and add-on upon
people. Would it be akin to requiring an activex control?"

So to clarify, I'll quote Scott Guthrie who runs the development teams that build IIS, ASP.NET, and Visual Web Developer 2005 at Microsoft:

"The Atlas Client Script Framework
will work on all modern browsers, and with any web server. It also
won’t require any client installation at all – to use it, you can
simply include references to the right script files in your page."

Hope that clears it up - 'no client installation at all'.