Attention 2.0

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The Seattle Mind Camp 2.0 Sunday session on RSS and OPML led by Dave Winer was a fascinating hour, spent discussing, well, RSS and OPML and more. In the room were around 50 geeks, some with little or no knowledge of OPML (all knew of and or used RSS). It was an intimate affair.

A great deal of the discussion revolved around the Attention, often explicitly.  We kept going there, it just gravitated naturally in that direction. What struck me this morning is how there appears to be great deal of common thinking around the Attention topic.  Sooo much to do and sooo many opportunities before us. Now, I realize this was an uber-geeky crowd but they were very receptive to the cries of 'it's my data!!'. Edge cases, or early adopter? Who knows

It's a shame Dave wasn't able to attend the session I ran last night entitled Attention and My Data where for the time I gave a talk based my writings and observations (and podcasts) on the subject over the last year and a half or so. I spoke of Goldhaber's 1997 essay, Information overload, Attention data, the evangelizing of Attention by Steve Gilmor, the Attention trust principles, Attention Engines and Attention Lenses, OPML as Attention Data and the notion of 'your Attention Data being yours' and my 20 thoughts on Attention. From my perspective, it was useful exercise. I tried to tie a number of related strands together into one coherent story, one that I hopefully will have nicely polished by the time the Content 2.0 event happens in London this June 6 (I'm booked to do 15 mins preso on Attention there toward the end of the day).

Like I said, Dave Winer's the session was intimate - the crowd was small in numbers but smart and included the likes of John Musser who runs ProgrammableWeb and Sean Lyndersay, a Lead PM for RSS at Microsoft,

(John and Sean )

(other smart geeks such as Jack William Bell, Dennis Hamilton (aka Orcmid )

But of course, this has to be my favourite (English spelling) pic of my Seattle Mind 2.0 Flickr set:


>>An aside. Yesterday was the first time I met Dave and today was the first time I heard him in the real-world talk about his perspective on the potential of OPML. There is something about the 'real world' level communication the seems to ensure that what is being said is more penetrative to the ear and mind. I'm not talking about the interaction side here. I'm talking about the listening bit. It's to do with the focus I have as a listener I think  - the words can be the same when I listen to a podcast or a watch an video interview, or read the written form yet the 'liveness' provides a whole other level of immersion for me. I had the same sense recently at Mix06. Listening to Tim O'Reilly up close and in person seemed to make sure I really tuned in, and so 'grokked' more of what he said, even though the ideas themselves weren't new to me. Today, I grokked more.<<


Up early tomorrow AM, I'm off for a secret mission in Fran CanDisco. Will blog later...(not very secret)


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