Attention and Identity with Dick Hardt and Kim Cameron, Podcast Part 1

A couple of weeks ago Joshua and I had a conversation about attention data (as podcasts).

In that conversation we kept touching on the topic of online identities and their management, so we thought we'd invite two pioneers of the identity space, Dick Hardt and Kim Cameron, to a podcast session and discuss how they saw the connections between these two related topics: attention and identity.

A little about Dick and Kim (who happen to be good friends of each other's): Dick Hardt runs the Identity 2.0 blog and is founder of Sxip, an identity management solutions company. Kim Cameron is Microsoft's chief architect of identity and runs his own Identity Blog. Kim has been working on digital identities since the 1980's. Joshua and I would like to thank Dick and Kim for their time today, really appreciate it!

So, here is the first of a two part podcast (Part 1: mp3: 29 mins, 28mb), Part 2 tomorrow (update: Part 2 here).

Attention and Identity with Dick Hardt and Kim Cameron, Podcast Part 1

Notes and links:

  • Intro
  • What are the biggest problems we need to solve for online identity? (02:30)
  • The paradox of silos and a single solution (06:05)
  • The Laws of Identity and the Sxip protocols (07:40)
  • Consistent user experience (12:50)
  • Read / Write identity and Attention Data (20:10)
  • Separating identity establishment & management and attention & transactional data management (24:45)
  • Trading attention data (27:00)
  • End of Part 1 (29:00)

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