BBC Radio 4 on Web 2.0

Is the Internet changing? That's the question a BBC Radio 4 programme has investigated.

Steve Bowbrick (my blogdaddy), along with Nicholas Carr, Paul Miller, Joe Krauss, Excite founder and now the man behind Jotspot all appeared on the BBC Radio 4 show about Web 2.0:

"Are we about to witness another dot-com bubble? Last time it all ended in tears, but five years on, could it all be different? We’ll be looking at the new generation of internet start-ups all grouped under the moniker of Web 2.0. We'll be discovering a few common denominators: for a start, they’re all about enabling us to participate and add to the site rather than passively surfing the web. One example is a company that hopes to change the way we use everyday computer applications and another lets you put your photos on line for the whole world to see."

You can listen to it here.


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