Blair drops ID Cards, calls for election

The Register reports the UK government is to drop its ID Card legislation due to the election being set for May 5:

"Blair is widely expected to ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament today - the trigger for a General Election on 5 May. But this means he must sacrifice several Bills currently before the House. To have any chance of getting through before the election, legislation needs cross party support."

This comes shortly after The LSE (London School of Economics) has released 'The Identity Project - An assessment of the UK Identity Cards Bill & its implications' (Interim Report - PDF) (via Kim Cameron). Ideal Government describes the report as one that:

"...demolishes both the government’s published aims and their proposals.

Should such repeated high profile failures raise questions about the future of the Home Office: Has the current Home Office itself become a major threat to the UK?"

Of course if retain Labour their power, you can rest assured they'll pursue the ID Cards bill once more....