Blocking RSS advertising - the newsreader developers' view

Nick Bradbury points to an article at that includes interviews with developers of RSS newsreaders.

"Given that people who use newsreaders are still of the early adopter sort who are used to blocking ads with Firefox or fast-forwarding through commercials with their TiVos, it seems likely that blocking advertising in RSS/Atom files might soon become an issue.

To get the ball rolling on this issue, I asked a few of the major newsreader developers if they would build ad blocking capabilities into their software. Here's what they had to say..."

On the same subject, we have Robin Good's view on the subject of RSS advertising, plus we have Overture waking up to the opportunities of RSS. 

Update: Wired publishes 'RSS:Show Me the Money':

"As soon as mainstream publishers incorporated RSS feeds into their web businesses, you knew that ideas on how to make money from them would inevitably follow. This almost always means advertising, the bane of readers' existence, but it's the reason most content on the net remains free for the asking. So while some may protest the idea of monetizing RSS, it's inevitable. The trick will be to make it as unobtrusive as possible"